“It’s really incredible to be so close to somebody that you admire, to hear them speaking about their work, their struggles, and really just where I want to be, as soon as possible. I’ve had no opportunities like this. This is really incredible.”
William Raveau,
Roe Green Visiting Voices Attendee, Northern Michigan University

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"I think if we are going to make theater continue to be relevant, we have to explore the ways in which we give back, and we get to know, and we spend time in, all sorts of different pockets of the country...It was an honor and a pleasure to get to work in that capacity."
Mona Mansour,
Playwright and Roe Green Visiting Voices teacher, We Swim, We Talk, We Go To War, The Vagrant Trilogy
“The workshop had me appreciating the time, effort and thought that goes into writing characters for the theater...Pia [Wilson's] ideas and suggestions on how to develop a 3D character were inspiring as well as informative and thought provoking. I look forward to taking her suggestions and incorporating them into my revisions, as well as my next pieces.”
Ali Skylar,
Roe Green Visiting Voices Attendee, Drew University