DGF is currently receiving an extremely high volume of applications. Our team is working around the clock to process applications as quickly as possible and respond to questions, based on severity of need.
Once you have confirmation from Submittable that your application was received, it is in the review process. Our team will be in touch with any questions or additional materials needed to process your grant request.
We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to support theater writers in this unprecedented time.

The Dramatists Guild Foundation’s (DGF) Housing Assistance Grants are one-time awards that assist professional dramatists (playwrights, composers, lyricists and librettists) with housing expenses accrued as a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic. DGF is committed to preventing eviction and displacement among theater writers and to help dramatists rebuild their lives during the pandemic recovery period.

Theater writers should apply for immediate financial assistance with the following: outstanding mortgage and rent payments, sudden increases to rent prices, overdue utility bills, outstanding costs related to moving, or credit card debt related to any of the aforementioned reasons. 

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Please note: DGF’s eligibility restrictions have recently changed. Applicants who have previously been awarded a DGF Emergency Grant and meet new eligibility requirements are welcome to apply to this program. Dramatists who are currently unhoused or are seeking financial assistance for non-arrears related hardships are encouraged to apply to DGF’s Emergency Grant program .

Dramatists seeking funding for mental health and wellness practices are encouraged to apply to DGF’s Steven Schwartzberg Grant for Mental Health and Wellness.

Am I eligible for a DGF Housing Assistance Grant?

Before applying, please review the following eligibility requirements (applicants must meet two or more of the following requirements):
  • I have written two or more completed works for the American theater within the past 10 years and I was at least 18 years old at the time the work was written.
  • I am currently enrolled in or have graduated from a degree program in dramatic writing or musical theater (creative or nonfiction writing programs are not eligible).
  • I am a member or have participated in one or more writer’s associations (e.g. LA Alliance of Playwrights, the Dramatists Guild, the Playwright’s Center).
  • My work has been professionally developed, workshopped, or produced.
  • My work has been presented for paying audience
  • I have been commissioned or paid to write a play.
DGF defines a play or musical as:
  • A work that is at least 10-minutes in length when performed.
  • A solo-performed work that is at least 30-minutes in length when performed and comprised primarily of words, and/or words and music (DGF cannot support stand-up comedy at this time).
  • A piece comprised primarily of words, and/or words and music (this does not include orchestrations, underscoring, choreography based work, etc).
  • Script, lyrics, music, libretto for a piece of dramatic writing or musical theater storytelling that is intended for the theater.

Additional Resources

The Housing Assistance Grant program serves playwrights, composers, lyricists and librettists in the theatrical genre. DGF is part of a community of organizations supporting writers and artists at this time. If you are not eligible for this grant, please see the following links to find the organization that can best assist you.

If you are primarily:

a musician/composer (other than musical theater), please click here and here

a novelist/nonfiction/fiction writer, please click here

a screenwriter, please click here

an actor or performance artist, please click here

a journalist, please click here

a director, please click here or here

For additional resources, please click here.


DGF serves all dramatists based in the United States, regardless of their immigration status.

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