Steven Schwartzberg Grants

for Mental Health & Wellness

Writers are the beating heart of theater, whom we rely upon to take us on journeys and inspire us to think through the stories they create for the stage. During these unprecedented times, DGF has created the Steven Schwartzberg Grants to provide financial support for mental health and wellness services for theater writers. To help connect writers to therapists, DGF has partnered with Advekit, an online therapist matching service, to expand access to mental health support that might be out of reach.

Apply Here

Applicants who have previously been awarded one Schwartzberg Grant for Mental Health and Wellness are welcome to re-apply. At this time, DGF asks that applicants who have received two Schwartzberg Grants wait to re-apply.

If you already have a therapist or are seeking mental wellness support other than Western talk therapy, DGF is working on ways to support you in your wellness.

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