– Offer begins February 6th and ends 9am February 13th. Anyone who donates $5000 or more to DGF during this period will receive a custom lyric written by Andrew Lippa.
 – First contact with donors will be made by DGF within 2 business days of receipt of donation. Donors will have one 15-minute conversation with Andrew where they will discuss for whom the lyrics will be written, and other personal details about the recipient. It is up to the donor to provide contact information and a reasonable window of time to be reached. If a meeting with Andrew cannot be confirmed, information will be relayed to him through other means.
– The length of the lyric will be determined by Andrew, but will likely be a single verse and chorus, or a piece of a similar length
– The recipient will receive lyrics, not music.
– The recipient may use this for personal use only i.e., non-commercial purposes. All other copyright, including without limitation reproduction and distribution of the lyric, remain the sole and exclusive property of Andrew Lippa without lien, claim or encumbrance.
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