Tatiana Suarez-Pico

Playwright and screenwriter. Lila Acheson Wallace Fellow at The Juilliard School, DG fellow, Rockwell Scholar at ESPA/Primary Stages, MFA Playwrights’ Workshop at The Kennedy Center, DG Residency at NY Stage and Film’s Powerhouse Theater Season, Lark’s US/Mexico Exchange, and SPACE on Ryder Farm. Finalist for Leah Ryan Prize for Emerging Women Writers, The Latino Screenwriting Project, Old Vic’s US/UK TS Eliot Exchange, and semi-finalist for the O’Neill. Two of her short plays were published in 2013 by TV: NBC’s Parenthood. MFA, ASDS. Upcoming: Moxie Theatre production of “Lesson 443” and Royal Court 2015 Residency.


The Anatomy of Accent
Cari, a Mexican-born 15-year old, has been in United States for almost three years and has been talking to her dead mom for almost as long. Fed up with the racism she has experienced in Ohio, she questions her dad’s choice to move to the States. While Cari acts out having sex and smoking pot, Manny, her dad, spends his mornings with aunt Lottie, her mom’s sister and his brother’s ex. Soon Cari and her dad’s secrets surface, forcing the family members to own up to their mistakes, let go of the past, and try to accept themselves for who they are.
Flesh & Blood
In Brooklyn, factories thrive as they hire undocumented workers and skimp on benefits. Luckily for Cala and Evaristo, they work at one of the most successful business on the block: “CINTEO” – Abundio’s tortilla factory. One night, while Cala and Abundio have sex in his office at the tortilla factory, Evaristo gruesomely dies in the room next door. Abundio tries to cover up the real cause of Evaristo’s death forcing Cala to choose between her loyalty to Abundio and her sense of what’s right. Their lives unravel as Abundio slowly realizes that Evaristo’s death has awakened something unexpected in Cala– a desire for justice.

Ana and Ben have maintained their bar & restaurant, “The Midnight Orchid,” afloat since their parents died in a tragic accident four years ago. However, Ana has been lying to her younger brother Ben about the stability of their finances and soon enough the lies come crashing down as the bank proceeds on a motion to foreclose them. Ana has decided that she will fight to keep her parents legacy but all the odds are against her, especially in a country undergoing a mortgage crisis. How far will Ana go to keep her home?

Like Water
Aurora’s mom is sick, her aunt has no patience, and she has to go on the trains to sing for money because that’s what Romani children do– they help the family. But Aurora is no ordinary Romani girl, she wants more out of life, she wants an education. And when the cops catch her jumping the subway turnstiles with her friend Daniel, she begins questioning her allegiance to her culture and her family’s loyalty to tradition.

Mattie is a CEO whose company is a sinking ship, Tania, her hotshot sister, wants to “help her,” Raina wants Mattie’s company to increase her profits, and Arianne wants to help her friend Mattie as long as she doesn’t have to risk anything. In the world of business, winning is everything, but how do you win when the game is rigged, the odds are against you, and the world doesn’t think you can hack it? The high-powered world of business has always been personal, no matter how you look at it. A play about women, power, and what it takes to make it.

The Mystery Spot
Connie’s life quietly collects dust when her son, Max, arrives from New York unannounced with bruised knuckles and a wounded heart. Connie doesn’t want to kick him out (he just arrived), but she doesn’t want him to stay, but she just can’t say that. Soon after that, Connie’s sister arrives from New York looking to recruit Max for her client, or at least that what she says. It’s not that they’re not honest with each other, it’s just that reality is sometimes too much to bear.

10-minute plays
1. Mountain Air – two best friends, Tara and Nicky, who end up shooting each other over the truth.
2.  She – about a woman who breaks into the apartment of the woman her partner is she cheating on her with.
3. Dog Day – about a group of dogs and the untimely death of one in their gang… she chokes on a doggy treat.
4. The Brazilian – about a brown movie star who has to play into the studio system to make it to  the next level.
5.  Cravings (getting published in an anthology) – a 14-year boy gets an erection at Starbucks. 10 pages about what it means to be a man.
6. Try This – a woman can’t get off, no matter what she tries, so she goes to a massage parlor to get a happy ending.
7. 1969 Miles – Mateo and Aaron love each other but have to break up, draw a line over what the other one just can’t accept. 10 pages about the US/Mexico border and he pull of invisible lines.

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